Making the impossible possible


We understand that a  fireplace is a focal point in any room. When guests walk into a room, their eyes are automatically drawn to it. When we think of our fireplaces, we envision a welcoming, inviting room where we gather on a cold winter evening with family and friends; a place where we discuss our day, tell stories, enjoy our holidays with family and friends, and enjoy a warm, flickering fire.  But maybe your fireplace is a little outdated, worn, or is no longer compatible with your room’s decor. The solution may be simpler and less expensive than you think.

At Stonehenge Custom Concrete and Architectural we love to bring out the creative imagination of our clients and make their ideas come to life.  We will build any size hearth or mantel; all you have to do is give us a call fro a FREE estimate, and let us help make  your ideas a reality! 

Fireplace Hearths & Mantles