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The Source

When it comes to terrazzo, you can turn to us for all your terrazzo needs. We can create any design; there are no limits to what we can do.  Stonehenge Architectural and Custom Concrete LLC  supplies everything from your choice of aggregate, epoxy, precast and chemicals.  We have streamlined the process by eliminating the need to hunt down all the components for your terrazzo.  When it comes to terrazzo, we are the single source company.

We specialize in terrazzo because it is simply the best. The nature of the material and the diverse range of colors  (aggregates and epoxies) allow for virtually any kind of creative design to be implemented, limited only by your imagination. Terrazzo lasts for generations, so we are confident that your terrazzo creations will persist far into the future. Terrazzo has the lowest life-cycle cost of any other pre-cast flooring option. Its relative ease to maintain, green building standards, and cost-effective value place terrazzo as one the most convenient flooring options.



Epoxy Terrazzo


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