Evergreen Hospital, Kirkland - stair treads

Seattle Art Museum- Grand Staircase treads

King Street Center Plaza, Seattle - planters

Washington Convention Center, Seattle - stair treads

Washington Convention Center, Seattle - stair treads

Washington State Department of Revenue, Olympia - stair treads

Starbucks - countertops

Microsoft - stair treads

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation headquarters- stair treads

Various projects in numerous private homes, retail locations and public parks

Types of  projects  completed for clients and contractors in the Northwest: 

Precast Concrete and Terrazzo Architectural

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Established as a family business in 1969, Stonehenge specializes in architectural pre-cast concrete and terrazzo products.  Established by Frank Duke and now under the leadership of Marcos Camacho, we create architectural designs in completely customized projects.  Stonehenge has completed projects all over Washington State and Oregon.  We bring expert experience, specializing in pre-cast concrete for over 15 years.  We work hand in hand with mason contractors, architects, artists, and construction companies to ensure high quality work from start to finish. 


Pre-Cast Concrete

The nature of terrazzo material and the diverse range of colors (aggregates and epoxies)  allow for virtually any kind of creative design to be implemented, limited only by your imagination.  Its relative ease to maintain, green building standards, and cost-effective value place terrazzo as one the most convenient flooring options.




We provide the highest quality professional construction with an affordable and durable alternative to natural stone. Our complete line of pre-cast stone architectural elements offer unlimited design flexibility. For decades the durability of cast stone has been sought out by architects and builders alike for the creation of enduring beauty in fine architecture.

Installing a pool is certainly one of the best investments for your home or business.

It's important to make sure you choose the right type of pool coping and paver tiles to match your personality and style.  We have countless styles and designs available.  We can help you select a color and design.

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Coping & Pavers

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Hearth & Mantels


The fireplace is the central focal point in any room. But maybe your fireplace is a little outdated, worn, or is no longer compatible with your room’s decor. 

The solution may be simpler and less expensive than you think. Adding a stone hearth or mantel can be the key to bring it back to life.